about me

I am Galician, adopted from Madrid and from all the places and people that I have known.
I am an independent, autodidact and a resolute woman. 

With varied and picturesque beginnings, I am heading towards a creative and technical evolution.

With musical formation, I chose the drums as an instrument. I first experienced the sound with an Apple computer (with diskette) given away by my friend Ángel

Later on, I "manufactured" my first clone (PC) to solve the technical problems that came up with the musical output, so as not to disturb my friends. 
I expanded my knowledge with composition and harmony. 
I explored my studies in sound and analog and digital music production.
I believe in self-sufficiency: it provides freedom.
I have enjoyed my own band and I have played with strangers.

I have worked in the music industry from international record labels, independent labels, dj, radio, recording studios, rehearsal rooms and as a sound technician, thus acquiring 360 knowledge and my own criteria.

Arts and hobby techniques have been added, such as: films, painting, photography, scenography, ...

I came to the ICT sector with training and I got to know in depth the digital era, the data, the HW/SF and the social networks.
I have worked with and for many people, in creative and business projects.
Freelance, small and big companies (IBEX35) as IT professional, and, in recent years I have specialized in cybersecurity.

I am currently studying Arts at the university. I have a dream, a multidisciplinary art project by the end of degree work.

"I do things" and I publish them when I feel like.

I contribute with my grain of sand to my friend Javier in his anthropologic studies. Sometimes I said: "I don't like people and I'm passionate about being human".

I share my life with a wonderful person, someone with whom you dare to be yourself.

Through my undergraduate education, I deepen my understanding about art in these times.